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🌏 Kevin Foong @ SIA Singapore Airlines PPS Club Event - Sg Event Photography

Sg Event Photographer 📸 Freelance Photography Singapore

One of our longest time clients, we are so happy to serve Fengshui Master, Kevin Foong every year during Chinese New Year season when he is frequently invited by many high level corporate companies to give an Outlook on Fengshui for the new year.

⚡️ Stellar Photo - Good.. Great?? We Strive for STELLAR. Born out of passion and a desire to impress, we created Stellar Photo for Professionals & Individuals who believe that Perception is Reality and Image is Everything.

A good Photographer can amplify how professional your Event looks with better angles, lenses and well timed captures.

Beyond just capturing visually pleasing photos, we believe that every photo we deliver serves a purpose:

✨ Wide Angle, Crowd Photo

⚡️ Flattering Speaker Shots that showcase the Venue or Sponsor Logos

✨ Well Timed Captures of the Speaker presenting with Confidence

⚡️ Close up of Guests' expression listening to the Speaker

Whether you're an Event Organiser or Working in Corporate and are in need of better images to showcase your Events or Seminars - Contact us to capture yours in Stellar Photos today.

Contact us to Book your Event / Seminar Photography Session today - Whatsapp Us now, click here 👉🏻

Sg Event Photographer Freelance Photography Singapore


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